We understand that financing a system may be the key to get you into a system. We strongly are against a Solar Lease. The major leasing companies out there, and we all know who they are, are making millions of dollars off of you. It is that simple! They reap the benefits of all the incentives (30% tax credit, state or utility grants, and SREC value).We would much rather see each of you take full advantage of the incentives yourself.

We offer a solar loan program that is structured much like a solar lease except you own the system. Here are a few key points to the program:

  • No equity needed – no appraisal necessary
  • No out of pocket fees
  • Secured loan & insured through FHA
  • Tax deductible, fixed interest rates
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Step Down your loan within 24 months for a reduced monthly payment (Apply any/all federal/state tax credit, rebates, ect to the loan within the first 2 years and we will lower the monthly obligation based on how much the principle has been paid down)
  • Ability to finance 30% of the system cost for 18 months… Same as Cash
  • A notary sent right to your home for the closing with 100% funding four days later
  • Total time lapse is about 2-3 weeks from application to funding

If you are interested, please click on link below to qualify.